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Mini-Disc | Mixed Genre
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Spatio-Temporal Dilemma

Artist Song Buy
Primal Scream  Get Duffy  buy on itunes
Fila Brazillia  Harmonicas are Shite  buy on itunes
Rune Lindbaek  OK KJOR ROMSKIP  buy on itunes
TRS-80  Terrible Monster Attacking Crew   buy on itunes
John Tejada  I'll See You In A Place With Lights  buy on itunes
Hedfunk  Summer Evening  buy on itunes
Salt Tank  Angela Landing (Jose Pasill el Sunchild Remix)  buy on itunes
Los Amigos Invisisble  Mami Te Extrano  buy on itunes
DJ Shadow  Mashin' On The Motorway  buy on itunes
Roots Manuva  Inna  buy on itunes
Thivery Corporation  Shaolin Satellite  buy on itunes
Amon Tobin  Blondie  buy on itunes
Kinobe  G# Spot  buy on itunes


First mix in quite a while, (first day of Summer!!) I wanted a few variations of genre's on this mix. Although it has a mainly electronic theme, I'm getting a bit fed up with all the typical electronic compilations that I seem to buy. I wanted something a bit more dynamic. The mix really sets the scene with the first couple of tunes, The Fila Brazilia track, really does lend itself well to this mix in that it has the right sort of tempo with a few funky twists and turns, (exactly how I want the mix to appear). Track 3 is really just a standard downtempo chilled track, good to get it in at that point. Track 4 TRS-80 is fairly short and a nice break of pace as it livens things up a bit. Track 5 brings it back down to earth and is very much more method like, simple beats flow together making it a nice filler before the tone changes somewhat onto Track 6, This is very much funky once again with a few cool base lines. the track is needed here as it brings in a few conventional instruments and moves away from the electronic scene. Track 7 takes this a step futher, into a more latin vibe introducing spanish guitars, also importantly it add the slight hint of vocals, this is important as I feel too many tracks without vocals begin to drag on an album. Track 8, Los Amigos, then build on this latin theme, bring the lyrics fully into play, its a really vibrant track and catches a lot of attention. I then decided it was time to break back to a more electronic theme, which is often difficult to do smoothly. DJ Shadow handles this nicely and the track takes me nicely in the direction that I'm heading: Dub, Track 10: Roots manuva, perhaps an obvious choice to nicely compliment the shadow track and take the mix forward to the next direction. I then decided that the vocals were perhaps a bit harsh in the context of the mix (which is maybe not a bad thing) I wanted to tone this down a bit and bring it to a more chilled level. Track 11 Thievery Corporations shaolin satellite does this without moving to far away from the dub side of things. Time to add a sexy twist to the mix, Amon Tobin on track 12 ands a sensual, rolling beat, which moves towards wrapping up the mix. The final track Kinobe - The G# Spot is a mellow way to end the album, however it is still lively enough to maintain the listeners attention right to the end... I probably enjoyed making this mix more than any other I've made, I hope it flows fairly well. Cheers
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Date: 7/13/2003
how did I miss this? -great- fila brazilia pick, along with DJ shadow, and huge props for Thievery Corp. and Roots Manuva... I like 'clockwork'.. keep up the good work.

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