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i'm here to put a smile on your face....

Artist Song Buy
unwritten law  armageddon singalong  buy on itunes
i against i  Signs  buy on itunes
AFI   the days of the phoenix  buy on itunes
Saves the day  nebraska bricks  buy on itunes
Samiam  she found you  buy on itunes
the distillers  LA girl  buy on itunes
I against i  ordinary fight  buy on itunes
mr t experience  told you once  buy on itunes
bikini kill  rebel girl  buy on itunes
Seti Alpha Six  strongest man in the world  buy on itunes
pinhead gunpowder  mohagony  buy on itunes
suicide machines (cover)  what i like about you  buy on itunes
Tool  aenema  buy on itunes
boy sets fire  abominations of these virtues  buy on itunes
weezer  say it isnt so  buy on itunes
deviates  one day  buy on itunes
dance hall crashers  all mine  buy on itunes
boy sets fire  when rhetoric dies  buy on itunes
the distillers  world comes tumblin'  buy on itunes
candlebox  far behind  buy on itunes
a perfect circle  3 libras  buy on itunes
lars frederiksen and the bastards  wine and roses  buy on itunes
bad religion  you  buy on itunes
AFI   god called in sick today  buy on itunes
A perfect circle  magdalena  buy on itunes


ok this is a cd i made a few yrs ago after driving around xian with my best friend and our sisters.. we had this crappy old tape that was totally battered but had some awesome stuff on it (i against i, samiam) and when i got home i wanted to capture all the good times i'd had on a cd... and this is what came out of it - a mix of songs (including old saves the day when they were doing pop-punk and not whatever it is they do now) that kick ass.
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DJ Penguin
Date: 4/18/2003
This a really good mix. A couple of unknown's to me but other thn that I've heard most of these before. Fight the power. Submit to Impulse. You might like a band named Flaw, too.
Date: 4/21/2003
i haven't heard samiam or candlebox in YEars. rock.
Date: 4/30/2003
sure! i'd love to trade! you'll just have to bother me A LOT cause i tend to be a slacker!

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