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Songs That Turn Your Bones To Glass: (Smog)

Artist Song Buy
Smog  Lets Move to the Country  buy on itunes
Smog  To Be of Use  buy on itunes
What Kind Of Angel  buy on itunes
  Blood Red Bird  buy on itunes
  Song  buy on itunes
  Cold Blooded Old Times  buy on itunes
  Strawberry Rash  buy on itunes
  I Was a Stranger  buy on itunes
  Rain on Lens I  buy on itunes
  Inspirational  buy on itunes
  Your Wedding  buy on itunes
  Riverguard  buy on itunes
  I Am Starwars  buy on itunes
  Red Apples  buy on itunes
  Teenage Spaceship  buy on itunes
  Short Drive  buy on itunes
  The Weightlifter  buy on itunes
  47 Pushups  buy on itunes
  The Morning Paper  buy on itunes
  Natural Decline  buy on itunes


4/03 made this for a friend to whom i recommended (Smog). before i got started she bought 'Dongs of Sevotion,' so i limited this to the other 6-7 albums i have. doesnt have any new stuff or Bathesphere, though it probably should. Still, a good representation of what he's done through the years.


Date: 4/16/2003
Rad. I like Smog, me- and I refuse to use those brackets.
I like "Cold Bloode Od Times," but for themost part, I've had a hard time getting into Smog... find his stuff too minimalist.
Date: 4/18/2003
nice. if this was my smog mix, though, i would've included "all your women things" - which is just brilliant.

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