Don't Be Embarrassed, it's Only NEW WAVE

Artist Song Buy
Huey Lewis and The News  I Know What I Like  buy on itunes
The Beat  Won't Be Happy  buy on itunes
The Fixx  One Thing Leads to Another  buy on itunes
Waitresses  I Know What Boys Like  buy on itunes
Blondie  Suzy & Jeffy  buy on itunes
Big Country  In a Big Country  buy on itunes
General Public  Tenderness  buy on itunes
Ultravox  Dancing With tears in My Eyes  buy on itunes
OMD  So In Love  buy on itunes
English Beat  Save It For Later  buy on itunes
The Boomtown Rats  I Don't Like Mondays  buy on itunes
Wang Chung  Fire In the Twilight  buy on itunes
DEVO  Doctor Detroit  buy on itunes
Pat Benatar  Invincible  buy on itunes


That's right!!! Anything released between 1979 and 1987 is NEW WAVE, okay so maybe it isn't, so what!
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Yeah, I gotta quibble with your definition of "new wave"...great artwork, though!
Date: 4/25/2003
hehe. Just thinking about this made me smile.
Date: 4/26/2003
And i thought I was the last big country fan in existence. woo new wave
Hey, do you think I feel, owning 20 Devo CDs?

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