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I got a song

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Neil Diamond  Crunchy Granola Suite  buy on itunes
Rex Manning  Say no more (mon amour) from Empire Records  buy on itunes
b52's  roam  buy on itunes
ben folds  zak and sara  buy on itunes
madonna  like a prayer  buy on itunes
queen  bohemian rhapsody  buy on itunes
beatles  help from my friends  buy on itunes
fountains of wayne  denise  buy on itunes
ramones  judy is a punk  buy on itunes
nofx  champs elysees  buy on itunes
patti page  i don't care if the sun don't shine  buy on itunes
tom petty  american girl  buy on itunes
jimmy buffett  escape  buy on itunes
reel big fish  sell out  buy on itunes
nirvana  smells like teen spirit  buy on itunes
no doubt  spiderwebs  buy on itunes
los lobos  la bamba  buy on itunes
melanie  brand new key  buy on itunes
everclear  am radio  buy on itunes
weezer  susanne  buy on itunes
green day  when i come around  buy on itunes
diana ross & the supremes  ain't no mountain high enough  buy on itunes


"i got a song been on my mind. and the tune can be sung and the words all rhyme" who doesn't love neil diamond? that's a rhetorical question. and these are all just songs that have been in my head lately. also if you haven't seen Guy Pearce lip singing "i don't care if the sun don't shine" in Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert i'm not sure that you have really lived.
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Date: 5/3/2003
did you say rex manning? oui oui!
Date: 6/26/2003
"oh rexxxy, you're so sexxxy"
ahahha, favorite movie ever. i think i'll go watch it..

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