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Finally Something to Replace Bowling

Artist Song Buy
Spudnik  California  buy on itunes
Stationary Odyssey  Sometimes Running  buy on itunes
The Diskettes  Art  buy on itunes
Russ Schaeffler  Texas for Me  buy on itunes
Waves for the Deaf  40 MPH  buy on itunes
The Narps  Evaporating Fish Sequence  buy on itunes
And Spiders  Worry is the Devil (I&i version)  buy on itunes
Carsick  If I Thought You Would Go  buy on itunes
The Goslings  Green Figurine  buy on itunes
Posative  Drip Drop  buy on itunes
Wally Pear  Hitchhiking without a Glove  buy on itunes
Bionic Senses  Moon Void  buy on itunes
The Poetics  Signals into Starlight  buy on itunes
when i know you will too  stac&rcd  buy on itunes
Manuok  godswrath  buy on itunes
buy on itunes
Erste Personen  020220  buy on itunes
Zachary Reese  Daleth  buy on itunes
This Bank Holiday  It Snowed in Autumn  buy on itunes


Lo-fi indie pop & quiet noise compilation released on my CDR label. Released December 2002.


Date: 5/8/2003
i'm can i get this? always in the mood for some lo fi indie and noise.
Date: 5/8/2003
ok, so i went to your mix page and saw the name of your label and then remember reading the review of this very album on splendid and then wanting very much to get it. i went to your site and found it very cool how you run the thing...very very nice. looks like i'll have to get myself a copy. and if you don't mind...i'd love to trade.
Date: 7/1/2003
i reviewed that diskettes album for splendid, and it's fuckin great. if yr interested in a trade, i'd love a copy of this........

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