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An Overpass In Fall

Artist Song Buy
the decemberists  july, july!  buy on itunes
devon williams  laughs per minute  buy on itunes
jawbox  iodine  buy on itunes
autumn poetry  afternoons in  buy on itunes
ides of space  keep writing  buy on itunes
nada surf  blonde on blonde  buy on itunes
beck   sing it again  buy on itunes
jets to brazil  lucky charm  buy on itunes
mark kozolek (red house painters)  admiral fell promises  buy on itunes
braid   what a wonderful puddle  buy on itunes
kind of like spitting  your favorite actor  buy on itunes
the verve  the drugs don't work  buy on itunes
coldplay  don't panic  buy on itunes
knapsack  katherine the grateful  buy on itunes
weezer  mykel and carli  buy on itunes
against me!  eight full hours of sleep  buy on itunes
the appleseed cast  untitled 1/2  buy on itunes
paul westerberg  we may be the ones  buy on itunes


Another random mix for a friend. Continues the trend of all my past mixes: A vision of walking down a sidewalk (or in this case, standing by an overpass) in Fall with leaves falling in all directions around you. That's pretty cliche', but it's a lovely vision to me anyways. Summer won't end soon enough.


Shoegazing Dave
Date: 5/9/2003
nice mix man! we have alot of music in comon!
Date: 5/10/2003
buh. this is fabulous. i would love to trade if you're interested.

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