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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock

music from the movies- sound track of our lives...

Artist Song Buy
elliot smith  morning after  buy on itunes
king crimson  moon child  buy on itunes
mazzy star  fade into you  buy on itunes
nico  these days  buy on itunes
beta band  dry the rain  buy on itunes
blur   sing  buy on itunes
smashing pumpkins  eye  buy on itunes
massive attack  angel  buy on itunes
bjork  army of me  buy on itunes
echo and the bunny men  killing moon  buy on itunes
lush  undertow  buy on itunes
radiohead  talk show host  buy on itunes
the eels  my beloved monster  buy on itunes
the smiths  please please please let me get what i want  buy on itunes
the pixies  where is my mind  buy on itunes
mohammed rafi  jaan pechanho  buy on itunes


ok if anyone can name all the movies these songs came from.. ill buy them a cookie or trade them a mix or something. most of the movies are a little off.. indie and such. i was listeing to this mix to fall asleep last night and it flows very nicely i think. any ideas?
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