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Cassette | Mixed Genre

7"s are great aren't they?

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Wankin' Teens  Put Myself In Your Arms  buy on itunes
Freddie Anzu Alda Y Sus Ideales  Dos Almas En Una  buy on itunes
Sil Austin  Wildwood  buy on itunes
The Band  Up On Cripple Creek  buy on itunes
Count Basie  April In Paris  buy on itunes
Harry Belafonte  Banana Boat  buy on itunes
Side B
    buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
    buy on itunes


This is a compilation of the highlights of my collection of 7"s both relatively new indie records and vintage 45s that I picked up in packages of 25-50 records. I'm going to include one song off of each record primarily because, while I'd like to say that I listen to these just as much as anything else in my record collection it's just not true because the formate makes listening to them much more of a hassle than just throwing on an lp, cd or cassette. My logic is that if the highlights of each record are on a cassette I might get listen to them more often. Some of these are pretty obscure Mexican music or pre-Rock n' Roll pop, some of them are just plain terrible but they're all pretty interesting.

this is unfinished but I'm going to bed and I don't have the tracklisting written down so I'm keeping it up here as a reference, I'll update it tomorrow


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