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ca$hdogg's mix #3

Artist Song Buy
Finch  What It Is to Burn  buy on itunes
Ben Folds'  Army  buy on itunes
Third Eye Blind  Blinded (When I See You)  buy on itunes
The Juliana Theory  The Closest Thing  buy on itunes
Brand New  The Shower Scene  buy on itunes
Matchbook Romance  Promise  buy on itunes
Goldfinger  99 Red Baloons  buy on itunes
Coldplay  The Scientist  buy on itunes
Hot Rod Circuit  Radiation Suit  buy on itunes
The Juliana Theory   Duane Joseph  buy on itunes
Saves the Day  Freakish  buy on itunes
Brand New  Failure By Design  buy on itunes
Off By One  Change  buy on itunes
The Juliana Theory  Week Long Embrace  buy on itunes
Mest  Mother's Prayer  buy on itunes
Midtown  Like a Movie  buy on itunes
Off By One  High School  buy on itunes
Ozma  Ups and Downs  buy on itunes
The Juliana Theory  You Always Say Goodnight, Goodnight  buy on itunes


I made this one a little while ago, I don't know I think it's pretty sweet, I listen to it a lot, but I can't find it right now which sucks


Date: 6/3/2003
a lot of TJT... they were awesome in concert
Date: 6/5/2003
Oooh, excellent pick with Mest's Mother's Prayer. Good job!
Date: 7/21/2003
like it much. good stuff...i'm loving the brand new stuff. i just got into them recently and i'm about melting. yeah ok. out...gonna go burn this cd :)
Date: 8/2/2003
radiation suit is one of my favorite hrc songs. nicely done.

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