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Hey Brian-you're gay, and that's okay

Artist Song Buy
Radiohead   Kid A (live)  buy on itunes
5ive Style  Mythical Numbers  buy on itunes
Bobby Conn  United Nations  buy on itunes
James Chance and the Contortions  Contort Yourself  buy on itunes
Liars  Rose and Licorice (oneida)  buy on itunes
Cinematic Orchestra  Evolution  buy on itunes
Killing Joke  Europe  buy on itunes
The Cars  Moving in Stereo  buy on itunes
Grandaddy  Wives of Farmers  buy on itunes
Gary Wilson  Groovy Girls Make Love at the Beach  buy on itunes
Max Tundra  Fuerte  buy on itunes
Velvet Underground  White Light/White Heat  buy on itunes
Mr. Bungle  Goodbye Sober Day  buy on itunes
Spiritualized  Don't Just Do Something  buy on itunes
Beta Band  Needles in my Eyes  buy on itunes
Fairport Convention  Autopsy  buy on itunes
A Certain Ratio  Do the Du  buy on itunes
Minutemen  Straight Jacket  buy on itunes
Blur  For Tomorrow (visit to Primrose hill extended version)  buy on itunes


Don't be offended by the inside joke


Date: 6/18/2003
That Bobby Conn song is brilliant. As is "Needles In My Eyes". Personally, I'd be flattered that my homosexuality was so positively endorsed by such a lovely collection of music.
Date: 6/19/2003
hey baby, i flew home with your fairport convention cd.
it was in my spindle.
i remember when you made this mix. such sweet memories.

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