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Adam Ant's 19th Nervous Breakdown

Artist Song Buy
Frankie Goes to Hollywood  Born to Run  buy on itunes
The Buzzcocks  Fast Cars  buy on itunes
The Damned  New Rose  buy on itunes
Transplants  DJDJ  buy on itunes
The Beastie Boys  Hey Ladies  buy on itunes
The Rapture  House of Jealous Lovers  buy on itunes
!!!  Me and Giuliani Down by the Schoolyard  buy on itunes
Time Zone  World Destruction  buy on itunes
The Undertones  True Confessions  buy on itunes
Local Rabbits  Sally Ann's Style Denial  buy on itunes
Gang of Four  To Hell With Poverty  buy on itunes
A Certain Ratio  Shack Up  buy on itunes
Adam & the Ants  Antmusic  buy on itunes
Donovan  Barabajabal  buy on itunes
Eddie Cochran  C'mon Everybody  buy on itunes
Kim Fowley  Motor Boat  buy on itunes


Just in time for summer! The Rapture and Gang of Four tracks are basically the same song but what the heck...[With apologies to Mr. Goddard -- get well soon]


Date: 6/18/2003
Nice to see your name at the top of the most recent 100. Where ya been the last three months? Swinging mix by the way.
Date: 6/18/2003
looks dope, good title
Date: 6/18/2003
That !!! song is sooooo hot! Nice choice.
p the swede
Date: 6/19/2003
I was Djing last week and song 6,7,11 and 12 did a play, but i like the rest as well
Rob Conroy1
Date: 6/19/2003
Great stuff, Kathleen. I always like seeing a mix from you.

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