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an entirely different race [for mr. hayward]

Artist Song Buy
neko case & her boyfriends  furnace room lullaby  buy on itunes
spiritualized  lord let it rain on me  buy on itunes
gordon downie  steeplechase  buy on itunes
minus the bear  monkey!! knife!! fight!!  buy on itunes
gert wilden  moulinex  buy on itunes
palace  work hard play hard  buy on itunes
big star  kizza me  buy on itunes
latryx  lady don't tek no  buy on itunes
enon  disposable parts (eli janney remix)  buy on itunes
dandy warhols  we used to be friends  buy on itunes
rheostatics  i fab thee  buy on itunes
smiling politely  large mouth bass  buy on itunes
the birthday party  release the bats  buy on itunes
thee michelle gun elephant  candy house  buy on itunes
clouddead  physics of a bicycle  buy on itunes
monstars  hit 'em high  buy on itunes
onelinedrawing  smile  buy on itunes
wrens  surprise, honeycomb  buy on itunes
hidden cameras  the man that i am with my man  buy on itunes
local rabbits  drag out the barrel  buy on itunes
my morning jacket  strangulation  buy on itunes
spiritualized  oh happy day (live)  buy on itunes


title from the downie. smiling politely is a grade five band. gert wilden is '70s disco-porn.


Date: 6/26/2003
so many great tunes, i love it straight through. the only song that feels a little weird though is the onelinedrawing tune, weirdly enough. cuz i like it. but like... after the monstars i just... i dunno. i skip it, and then it's like, oh the wrens, we're fucking awesome. so yeah. other than onelinedrawing, this mix makes me throw my hands up and yell "HOORAY!"
Date: 6/26/2003
oh and my favs are definitely the monstars, minus the bear, michelle gun elephant, enon, latyrx, hidden cameras and the late great smiling politely.
Date: 6/26/2003
oh, yeah, and, when i was listening to this sans tracklist i was trying to figure out what the song was that i later learned was the enon remix. even though i have that cd, i totally guessed that it was solex. so wrong.

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