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a ska band doing pachelbel and more.

Artist Song Buy
R. Kelly  Ignition (remix)  buy on itunes
Catch 22  On and On and On  buy on itunes
Sprung Monkey  So Cal Loco  buy on itunes
Garbage  Cherry Lips  buy on itunes
Everclear  So Much For The Afterglow  buy on itunes
Bowling For Soup  Belgium  buy on itunes
Spoon  The Way We Get By  buy on itunes
Poe  Walk The Walk  buy on itunes
Goldfinger  99 Red Balloons  buy on itunes
Jonny Was  So What Does It All Mean?  buy on itunes
Dispatch   The General (live)  buy on itunes
Riddlin' Kids  I Feel Fine  buy on itunes
Sean Paul  Get Busy  buy on itunes
Garbage  Androgyny (remix)  buy on itunes
Less Than Jake  We're All Dudes  buy on itunes
No Doubt  Bathwater  buy on itunes
The Ataris  In This Diary  buy on itunes
Rockapella  Lean On Me  buy on itunes
The Getaway People  Plastic People  buy on itunes
Liz Phair  Polyester Bride  buy on itunes
OK Go  Get Over It  buy on itunes
Ben Lee  Cigarettes Will Kill You  buy on itunes


This was the mix I'd play every time I got too stressed out from studying for final exams. They're all songs that make me really happy. I also think I'm trying to set some kind of record for the number of mixes I put "Cherry Lips" and "Cigarettes Will Kill You" on.


Date: 7/9/2003
hey...you posted on one of my lake forest is not as cool as europe. is this katie as in katie quinn from early bird gym...who i saw today at the high school? if its not...then ignore this. (this is cindy waleck by the way...)
Date: 7/9/2003
Okay, I can't stand R. Kelly, but otherwise I love this.
Date: 7/9/2003
wow this is interesting. Catch-22 rocks my world and so does Spoon. you rock.
Date: 7/10/2003
i was thinking today that i need to make a ska covers tape. but GOOD ska, not crap ska.

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