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Eine Kleine Krautrock

Artist Song Buy
Kraftwerk  Elektrisches Roulette  buy on itunes
Faust  Krautrock  buy on itunes
Can  Vitamin C  buy on itunes
Kraftwerk  Autobahn  buy on itunes
Kraftwerk  Trans-Europe Express  buy on itunes
Kraftwerk  Metal on Metal  buy on itunes
Can  Pinch  buy on itunes
Kraftwerk  Ananas Symphonie  buy on itunes


Actually an "air/train trip" mix, as I won't be driving... Going to Baden-Baden next week. This one has music for the casino (Elektrisches Roulette), spa (Ananas Symphonie), and all points of interest in between.


Date: 7/19/2003
all great stuff, all 3 of these bands rule
Date: 7/20/2003
Ananas Symphonie... best song ever!

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