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CD | Theme - Break Up
CD | Theme - Break Up
CD | Theme - Break Up
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Break Up

I Know I'm Wrong... But I Do Love You

Artist Song Buy
LeAnn Rimes  Right Kind Of Wrong  buy on itunes
Slick Shoes  Candy  buy on itunes
Willa Ford  I Wanna Be Bad  buy on itunes
Jessica Andrews  Helplessly Hopelessly  buy on itunes
Sixpense None The Richer  Breathe Your Name  buy on itunes
Trisha Yearwood  Shes In Love With The Boy  buy on itunes
Lisa Loeb  We Could Still Belong Together  buy on itunes
Off By One  Torn  buy on itunes
Faith Hill  Shes A Wild One  buy on itunes
Shannon McNally  Now That I Know  buy on itunes
Jessica Riddle  Symphony  buy on itunes
Girl Next Door  Gorgeous  buy on itunes
Save Ferris  I Know  buy on itunes
Eve 6  You Really Got Me  buy on itunes
Nikki Hassman  Adore You  buy on itunes
Aaliyah  Are You That Somebody  buy on itunes
Joan Armatrading  Weakness In Me  buy on itunes
Duncan Sheik  Half-Life  buy on itunes
LeAnn Rimes  But I Do Love You  buy on itunes
Jump 5  All I Can Do  buy on itunes
Jessica Simpson  Irresistable  buy on itunes
Tamara Walker  Didn't We Love  buy on itunes
Mandy Moore  Walk Me Home  buy on itunes


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37 pieces flair
Date: 7/20/2003
Hey..someone who knows Jessica Riddle for a song other than "Even Angels Fall".

..I like many of these songs.
Nic Diamond
Date: 7/21/2003
You can't go wrong with just about any song by Save Ferris...nice mix
Date: 8/14/2003
3 Jessica's on here, that's weird cause that's the name of the girl I'm going to make a mix kind of like this about

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