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music for the worst day of your life

Artist Song Buy
schneider tm  the light 3000  buy on itunes
lali puna  in electric dreams  buy on itunes
to rococo rot  cars  buy on itunes
brian eno  against the sky  buy on itunes
the books  read, eat, sleep  buy on itunes
donnie darko   the artifact and living  buy on itunes
el p  t.o.j. (instrumental)  buy on itunes
fc kahuna  hayling  buy on itunes
polygon window  quino-phec  buy on itunes
metro area  atmospherique  buy on itunes
oval  store check  buy on itunes
piano magic  i am the sub-librarian  buy on itunes
aphex twin  track 9 (melodies from mars)  buy on itunes
lemon jelly  a tune for jack  buy on itunes
the avalanches  tonight  buy on itunes
telepopmusik  breathe  buy on itunes


made this for a girl i knew who never listened told me an old electronic mix of mine made her want to sleep. i thought this would do the trick a bit faster. or at least relax her nerves after a hard day. also i had one of my own tracks on here but i have no real name or title for the song. so for now it wont be listed even though it's there.


Date: 7/29/2003
This is GREAT. I especially love how you opened with an OFFICE SPACE quote!
Date: 7/30/2003
nice mix overall I guess, esp. tracks 2 - 13 -15 - 17. And I believe the (irresistible) Metro Area track is spelled 'Atmosphrique'.
Date: 7/30/2003
james porter
Date: 8/4/2003
some tasty stuff! personally i'm better at making up names for the songs i do than i am at actually making them...

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