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emo diaries one

Artist Song Buy
saves the day  at your funeral  buy on itunes
mae  sun  buy on itunes
brand new  last chance to lose your keys  buy on itunes
the starting line  piano song  buy on itunes
bright eyes  from a balance beam  buy on itunes
the get up kids  i'll catch you  buy on itunes
the juliana theory  into the dark  buy on itunes
copeland   when paula sparks  buy on itunes
dashboard confessional  remember to breathe  buy on itunes
death cab for a cutie  photobooth  buy on itunes
sunny day real estate  fool in the photograph  buy on itunes
reggie and the full effect  thanx for stayin'  buy on itunes
jets to brazil  empty picture frame  buy on itunes
jimmy eats world  she's perfect  buy on itunes
something corporate  letters to noelle  buy on itunes
the juliana theory  don't push love away  buy on itunes
keepsake   sleep  buy on itunes
motion city soundtrack  my favourite mistake  buy on itunes
copeland  brightest  buy on itunes
new amsterdamns  picture in the paper  buy on itunes
the anniversary  the d in detriot  buy on itunes


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Date: 8/7/2003
+ thus, the world crashes down around me. The tight-shirted 1s will take over + whine about Jesus + mind-numbingly simple love lives... alas. Out.
jessica renee
Date: 8/7/2003
this of, if not the best mix i've ever seen on here.
Date: 8/7/2003
Change the name, you are ripping off and defacing hardwork Deep Elm did in there (so far 9 cd) compliation "Emo Diaries." It was orginally released the 16th of Sep in 97.
Date: 8/8/2003
this makes baby jesus cry, although not in the glorified emo way in which you would appreciate.

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