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Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
CD | Single Artist
CD | Blues - Classic Blues

Soundtrack To A Life

Artist Song Buy
The Ataris  (Opening Credits) In This Diary  buy on itunes
Slightly Stoopid  (Waking Up) Sweet Honey  buy on itunes
Our Lady Peace  (Best Friend Scene) Clumsy  buy on itunes
Blur  (Night out on the Town) Song 2  buy on itunes
O.A.R.  (Seeing Girl For First Time) Hey Girl  buy on itunes
Blink-182  (First Date) First Date  buy on itunes
Bon Jovi  (Falling In Love) Always  buy on itunes
Lifehouse  (Love Scene) Everything  buy on itunes
Korn  (Fight Scene) Blind  buy on itunes
Puddle Of Mudd  (Break Up Scene) Blurry  buy on itunes
Something Corporate  (Get Back Together) Konstantine  buy on itunes
Linkin Park  (Fights At Home) Runaway  buy on itunes
The Calling  (Heartbreak Scene) Could It Be Any Harder  buy on itunes
Jimmy Eat World  (Death Scene) Hear You Me)  buy on itunes
Something Corporate  (Driving Scene) I Woke Up In A Car  buy on itunes
Taking Back Sunday  (Lesson Learned Scene) Your Own Disaster  buy on itunes
Box Car Racer  (Deep Thought Scene) There Is  buy on itunes
The Cult  (Flashbacks Scene) Painted On My Heart  buy on itunes
Foo Fighters  (Party Scene) Times Like These  buy on itunes
Counting Crows  (Regret Scene) Colorblind  buy on itunes
Coldplay  (Night Alone Scene) Spiderwebs  buy on itunes
The Verve  (Life's OK Scene) Bittersweet Symphony  buy on itunes
Greenwheel  (Closing Credits 1) Dim Halo  buy on itunes
Mest  (Closing Credits 2) Chance Of A Lifetime  buy on itunes



Date: 9/10/2003
yes yes yes! great theme, top tunes.
Date: 9/10/2003
wow. this is SUPERB.
Music Junkie
Date: 9/14/2003
Awesome list! I love the idea, too. There's a lot of heart in this mix.
Date: 9/22/2003
incredible mix!!

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