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Playlist | Mixed Genre
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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock

Then and There

Artist Song Buy
Leo Sayer  When I Need You  buy on itunes
Judy Garland  Somewhere Over the Rainbow  buy on itunes
The Mills Brothers  Diga Diga Doo  buy on itunes
Throwing Muses  Mexican Woman  buy on itunes
The Replacements  Unsatisfied  buy on itunes
The Cure  Let's Go to Bed  buy on itunes
REM  Camera  buy on itunes
Smashing Pumpkins  Rhinoceros  buy on itunes
Lush  For Love  buy on itunes
Helium  XXX  buy on itunes
Radiohead  Fake Plastic Trees (Acoustic)  buy on itunes
Orbital  Little Fluffy Clouds  buy on itunes
Dream Academy  Life in a Northern Town  buy on itunes
Counting Crows  The Ghost in You  buy on itunes
The Ocean Blue  Drifting, Falling  buy on itunes
Okkervil River  Listening to Otis Redding at Christmas  buy on itunes


Songs that Carry a Memory that takes you to then and there. Childhood (sitting at the coffee table coloring): 1 -3, High School (yearning and boredom): 4 -7, Summer: (hot asphalt and sunsets): 8 - 12, Winter (Cloudy skies and Solitude): 13 - 16.


Date: 9/16/2003
Some excellent songs here. Kudos for 'Orbital' +, as ever, the Counting Crows. REM- no no no, bad bad! Beautiful Radiohead song too. Even the naysayers can't find fault with that. Kudos. Out.
Date: 9/16/2003
wonderful. would you happen to have the "clueless" soundtrack? ['the ghost in you' and 'fake plastic trees (acoustic)' are on it, so i'm curious.]
Date: 9/18/2003
Sweet mix. I LOVE that REM song.
Date: 9/19/2003
I am so thankful for the comments, as I wasn't very happy with this mix, but I had a deadline to keep. I know there was some objection to the REM song, but I agree with quadb. No matter what you think of REM, Camera is a beautiful song. I do in fact have the Clueless Soundtrack. I bought it for the Counting Crows song, and I thought that using the acoustic Fake Plastic Trees could make up for the popularity and familiarity of the song.

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