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Jimmy Eat World  Your House  buy on itunes
Ben Harper  Walk Away  buy on itunes
Ani DiFranco  Good, Bad, Ugly  buy on itunes
Dashboard Confessional   Standard Lines  buy on itunes
Get Up Kids  Long Goodnight  buy on itunes
Ani DiFranco  So What?  buy on itunes
Prime STH  I'm Stupid  buy on itunes
Alkaline Trio  Stupid Kid  buy on itunes
Eels  Novacaine for the Soul  buy on itunes
Ani DiFranco  Sorry I Am  buy on itunes
Temptations  Just My Imagination  buy on itunes
Alkaline Trio  Trouble Breathing  buy on itunes
Black Crowes  Losing My Mind  buy on itunes
Ani DiFranco  Untouchable Face  buy on itunes
Jeremiah Freed  Again  buy on itunes
Alkaline Trio  Take Lots With Alcohol  buy on itunes
Dexter Freebish  Leaving Town  buy on itunes
Bright Eyes  Falling Out of Love at This Volume  buy on itunes
Jann Arden  Insensitive  buy on itunes
Ani DiFranco  Make Me Stay  buy on itunes


When you desire something/someone you can't have, life is complicated. This mix was titled Simplicity and created in an attempt to help myself get over a crush. What ended up happening was, I gave the girl the mix and asked for it back because I realized just how cutting some of the songs could have been. Our relationship in general has been somewhat on/off - this was the soundtrack to one of my more off moments.


Date: 9/19/2003
wow. i love this!
Media Vixen: Radio Sally
Date: 9/19/2003
Yeah, this great! Life seems complicated no matter what you try ...

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