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Rice Cakes, Rice Cakes, Rice Cakes!

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Hot Hot Heat  Bandages  buy on itunes
Outkast  Bombs over Bagdad  buy on itunes
Fountains of Wayne  Bright Future in Sales  buy on itunes
the Donnas  Take Me to the Backseat  buy on itunes
Dropkick Murphys  Fields of Athenry  buy on itunes
Rancid  Journey to the End of the East Bay  buy on itunes
Ben Folds Five  Army  buy on itunes
Sum 41  Fat Lip  buy on itunes
Weezer  No One Else  buy on itunes
Sahara Hotnights  Alright Alright  buy on itunes
Veruca Salt  Volcano Girls  buy on itunes
the Faint  Worked Up So Sexual  buy on itunes
Nerf Herder  Nosering Girl  buy on itunes
Bif Naked  Moment of Weakness  buy on itunes
Side B
Ryan Adams  To Be Young...  buy on itunes
the Distillers  City of Angels  buy on itunes
the Used  A Box Full of Sharp Objects  buy on itunes
NERD  Lapdance  buy on itunes
Jane's Addiction  Been Caught Stealing  buy on itunes
Getaway People  She Gave Me Love  buy on itunes
the Coral  Skeleton Key  buy on itunes
OK Go  Don't Ask Me  buy on itunes
the Vapors  Turning Japanese  buy on itunes
Nikka Costa  Like a Feather  buy on itunes
Beastie Boys & Biz Markie  Benny and the Jets  buy on itunes
the Transplants  One Seventeen  buy on itunes
Tuuli  Who's the Fool Now  buy on itunes
Brand New  Jude Law and a Semester Abroad  buy on itunes


My dear friend Drusilla here randomly emailed me and asked if I would make her a very upbeat tape for her boring job/daily workouts. Well, sure! Making a tape means I'm putting off homework. This, hopefully, is upbeat enough. It's got its slower points. But so it goes. The title's from "Nosering Girl," which I've wanted to put on a mix for quite a while now. What a freaking great song.


Date: 9/22/2003
I love Nosering girl - I haven't thought about that song in ages! The rest is great too, especially Brand New and Hot Hot Heat.
Date: 9/22/2003
this looks awesome! nosering girl is a great a great cd. and the faint song? yum.
abigail dice1
Date: 9/22/2003
absolutely lovely! wow. she'll love it. :)
Date: 9/22/2003
Love the Bif Naked and Getaway People! Nice mix!
mistress drusilla
Date: 9/22/2003
oh my fucking god yes!!! you rock!!! i cant wait for this!!!
Date: 9/22/2003
Good stuff! I like that version of Bennie and The Jets.
Date: 9/23/2003
NERD fucking rocks. and that beastie boys/biz markie joint is SO cool. i think i have it on a bootleg tape (paul's boutique demos?). this looks like a good time.
Date: 9/23/2003
I love this mix thanks so much for commenting on my mix. gotta love The Faint=)
Date: 9/23/2003
wow. this is the mix on aotm with by far the most songs i know and love! and it's got blue album weezer! congratulations, this is so awesome.
Date: 9/23/2003
oh man, this mix is great, i think i'm gunna make it for myself
Date: 10/6/2003
Love this one too...Jude Law and A Semester Abroad is my fave Brand New song.....
Date: 10/20/2003
Nice...Love the first three tracks. Weezer, Nikka Costa, and the Transplants too!

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