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Your charm won't work on me because I'm She-Ra, Princess of Power

Artist Song Buy
Amiee Mann  Wise Up  buy on itunes
Elliot Smith  Somebody That I Used To Know  buy on itunes
Foo Fighters  Everlong  buy on itunes
John Lennon  Jealous Guy  buy on itunes
The Bens  Bruised  buy on itunes
Pete Yorn  Lose You  buy on itunes
Willie Nelson  Always On My Mind  buy on itunes
Rufus Wainwright  Foolish Love  buy on itunes
Eels  Fucker  buy on itunes
Wilco  I am Trying to Break Your Heart  buy on itunes
Nil Lara  Fighting For My Love  buy on itunes
Don Henley  Boys of Summer  buy on itunes
Barenaked Ladies  Call And Answer  buy on itunes
Jeff Buckley  Last Goodbye  buy on itunes


I see this mix as a kinda conversation that I'm playing in my head or what I think he would say and what I would say back. He wants me back. It would never work out and I know I can do better. This mix is also to try to convince myself that I don't want him. I don't know why I put She-Ra on the cover. I guess I think she wouldn't have put up with his shit.
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Date: 9/22/2003
She-Ra certainly would not put up with it. You know what's good for you. Just follow your instincts. Oh yeah, this is supposed to be about the mix, right? Yours is a good one. I hope all goes well for you.
Date: 9/22/2003
Last Goodbye is the King Of All Break Up Songs. "Kiss me out of desire, not consolation." Mmm.
Date: 9/22/2003
this rocks. that's all.
Date: 11/1/2003
i agree, last goodbye is a masterpiece. love it.

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