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virginia is for lovers

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the wrens  boys, you won't  buy on itunes
skating club  come by or call  buy on itunes
matt suggs  the unbelievers waltz  buy on itunes
quasi  the golden egg  buy on itunes
the mountain goats  the only thing i know  buy on itunes
clem snide  now the moment's gone  buy on itunes
okkervil river  yellow  buy on itunes
grant lee buffalo  happiness  buy on itunes
the wrens  she sends kisses  buy on itunes
pedro the lion  options  buy on itunes
ben lee  aftertaste  buy on itunes
beulah  you're only king once  buy on itunes
fruit bats  lazy eye  buy on itunes


[[ if they ask why we left in the first place / say we were young and we were so in love / i guess we just needed space / we heard about this place they called the united states / we found out virginia really is for the lovers and / philly is full of friendly friends that will love you like a brother ]]

>>>> a slap in the face for good luck, you know?


Eleanor Rigby
Date: 10/1/2003
this looks good! i definitely have a shirt with that motto, but some people can't read and come up with silly things like "virgins are for lovers".
Date: 10/2/2003
good stuff.
Date: 10/2/2003
mmm. looks good. download "the force of the iron cobra" by the divorce for another great song about viginia and its...lover-ness.

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