Frankenstine Mix ((limbs)stolen from someone else)

Artist Song Buy
The Cooper Temple Clause  Who needs enemies?  buy on itunes
New Order  Blue Monday  buy on itunes
Dolly Parton  9 to 5  buy on itunes
The Cure   Lovesong  buy on itunes
Yazz  The only way is up  buy on itunes
Day One  Bedroom Dancing  buy on itunes
System of A Down  ATWA  buy on itunes
Darren Hayes   1980 me  buy on itunes
Elbow  Powder Blue  buy on itunes
Four non Blondes  Whats going on?  buy on itunes
Placebo  Bigmouth Strikes again (Smiths cover)  buy on itunes
Dexy's Midnight Runners  Come on Eileen  buy on itunes
Liberty X feat Richard X  Being Nobody  buy on itunes
Har Mar Superstar  R-E-S-P-He sees me.  buy on itunes
Foo Fighters  Tired of you.  buy on itunes
Garbage  Cherry Lips  buy on itunes
The Libertines  Dont look back into the sun  buy on itunes
Joy Division  Love will tear us apart  buy on itunes
hate  Elvis  buy on itunes
White Stripes  You've got her in your pocket.  buy on itunes


1. A song from the last record you bought 2. A blues: not a necessarily a blues record but a song that is labelled (something) blues (well, its blue-something so it will have to count!) 3. A song that gets you going in the morning 4. A song that you think is romantic 5. One of the earliest records that you can remember listening to. 6. A song that you discovered from a film 7. A song from your favourite band / artist 8. A song from an artist band that you otherwise don't like, but like this one 9. A Lullaby. 10. A song that makes you laugh / you find funny 11. A really good cover version 12. A song that reminds you of school days 13. A song from an artist that you are embarrassed to admit you like 14. Whatever it is, it's got to be funky 15. A song for those quiet rainy days 16. A song that no matter when you hear it makes you `Feelgood' 17. A song with the word `Look' in the title 18. From a member of the `Dead rockers society' 19. Your favourite Elvis song. 20. Wildcard - Hey, just put any song you like on!


Date: 10/12/2003
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