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Thursday Came And Went (Volume Two)

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Aimee Mann  Pavlov's Bell  buy on itunes
Tonic  If You Could Only See  buy on itunes
Stacie Orrico  Stuck  buy on itunes
Wood   Stay You  buy on itunes
Sophie B. Hawkins  Lose Your Way  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Something  buy on itunes
Dashboard Confessional  Screamin' Infidelities  buy on itunes
Leann Rimes  Right Kind of Wrong  buy on itunes
Ataris  Bad Case of Broken Heart  buy on itunes
Alkaline Trio  Sorry About That  buy on itunes
Get Up Kids  No Love  buy on itunes
Jewel  Near You Always  buy on itunes
Dido   Take My Hand  buy on itunes
Cranberries  I Can't Be With You  buy on itunes
Elliott Smith  The Morning After  buy on itunes


This is how I felt after our weekend together. Read the lyrics and it reads like a narrative, I suppose. "That which does not kill you makes you stronger." That's all I have to say.


Date: 10/28/2003
Feeling screaming infedelites after a weekned with somebody, ouch. i really really like this one.

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