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recent acquisitions

Artist Song Buy
the books  tokyo  buy on itunes
beth gibbons  mysteries  buy on itunes
blondie  hanging on the telephone  buy on itunes
belle and sebastian  piazza, new york catcher  buy on itunes
child's view  the cradle of the light  buy on itunes
dot allison  you can be replaced  buy on itunes
dusty springfield  just one smile  buy on itunes
robert fripp and brian eno  wind on wind  buy on itunes
george harrison  wah wah  buy on itunes
hella  electric guitar  buy on itunes
human league  open your heart  buy on itunes
drive like jehu  if it kills you  buy on itunes
jonathan richman  satisfied mind  buy on itunes
mojave 3  starlite #1  buy on itunes
neurosis  under the surface  buy on itunes
karp   rowdy  buy on itunes


I just got a new job that lets me buy cds with all my pay. these are from things i've bought in the last 30-45 days. no consideration was given to flow. just the order in which they were stacked. mojave 3 and neurosis should play together. and i like that it ends with two heavy and tough songs. comments? mb


Date: 10/30/2003

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