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this music is a test #1

Artist Song Buy
brian eno/robert fripp  the heavenly music corporation (20:55)  buy on itunes
wolf eyes  dead hills (11:08)  buy on itunes
pelt  hippy war machine (16.26)  buy on itunes
child's view  pendulum (14.37)  buy on itunes
stars of the lid  the artificial pine (13.32)  buy on itunes


this is the #1 of a 3 cd set i am making of great long songs that many find hard to get through. Each has a different sound/idea to it. this is all instrumental stuff that just totally envelopes your head and all your senses. the length gives you time to really get into and, in some people's cases, enjoy this music.


Date: 11/6/2003
This is fabulous! There is nothing better than a cleverly crafted lengthy song (just like there's nothing worse than a song cut too short, or a song that is forced to be longer than it should be.) Brian Eno=the king of the cleverly crafted long song.

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