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Push Play And Record (His Indie World)

Artist Song Buy
Mary Lou Lord  His Indie World  buy on itunes
Guided By Voices  Gold Star for Robot Boy  buy on itunes
Velocity Girl  Pop Loser  buy on itunes
Eric's Trip  Secret For Julie  buy on itunes
Rocketship  Hey Hey Girl  buy on itunes
Rancid  The Ballad of Jimmy & Johnny  buy on itunes
Rocket From The Crypt  Don't Darlene  buy on itunes
Bikini Kill  Tony Randall  buy on itunes
Built To Spill  Twin Falls  buy on itunes
Jenny Toomey  Masonic Eye  buy on itunes
Joni Mitchell  Big Yellow Taxi  buy on itunes
Nick Drake  Pink Moon  buy on itunes
Neil Young  Don't Let It Bring You Down  buy on itunes
Bob Dylan  Eternal Circle  buy on itunes
Tsunami  460  buy on itunes
Slant 6  Victim of Your Own Desires  buy on itunes
Smog  I Could Drive Forever  buy on itunes
Butterglory  The Skills of the Star Pilot  buy on itunes
Silver Jews  Honk If You're Lonely  buy on itunes
Heavenly (& Calvin Johnson)  C is the Heavenly Option  buy on itunes
Huggy Bear  Herjazz  buy on itunes
Helium  Pat's Trick  buy on itunes
Half-Japanese  Secret  buy on itunes
Sebadoh  On Fire  buy on itunes
Sentridoh  None of Your Goddamn Bizness  buy on itunes
Superchunk  Driveway to Driveway  buy on itunes


...and I dunno.
Thought I'd try my hand at assembling a mix based on Mary Lou Lord's excellent name-dropper "His Indie World", and I'm pleased with the results. I managed to fit on all the bands or artists she mentions, in just under 73 minutes (So it'll fit on a 74 minute CD-R nicely.) I managed to double-up with the Heavenly\Calvin Johson ("And Calvin too") as a nice added bonus. I started off with shorter tracks (The GBV, Rancid, RFTC, Slant 6 and BTS tracks are all under two minutes) to make sure I had enough room to fit all 25 bands on, and afterwards when I realized I probably had a bit more space to work with, I kept them on anyway because they worked so damn well.


Date: 11/6/2003
I've seen this done on two or three other mixes on AOTM, it's really fun to do.
rosy red berry
Date: 2/10/2004
you should enter my contest!!! it's listed under "you haven't got the balls..."

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