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Proffessional Splintering

Side A
Artist Song Buy
angelika koehlermann  i find you again  buy on itunes
arab strap   cherubs  buy on itunes
fennesz  don't talk(put your head on my shoulder(beach boys)  buy on itunes
xiu xiu   hives!hives!  buy on itunes
broadcast  pendulum  buy on itunes
the books   a true story of a story of true love  buy on itunes
joan of arc   ne mosquitoes pass  buy on itunes
julie doiron  the songwriter  buy on itunes
belle and sebastian   fox in the snow  buy on itunes
the robot ate me  our bones were chalk  buy on itunes
elevator through  the foggy sea  buy on itunes
julie doiron(with kids)  the sweetest eyes  buy on itunes
Side B
american analog set  punk as fuck  buy on itunes
all-time quarterback  why i cry(magnetic fields cover)  buy on itunes
casiotone for the painfully alone  students for scarves and charm  buy on itunes
the thermals   back to grey  buy on itunes
the microphones  the glow pt.2  buy on itunes
hood   i have it in my heart to jump in the ocean  buy on itunes
songs:ohia  back on top  buy on itunes
hood   we are not promote  buy on itunes
the microphones   you were in the air  buy on itunes
eric's trip  behind the garage  buy on itunes
iron and wine  dead man's will  buy on itunes
*the ocean*   *with us at its side*  buy on itunes


this has to cross the causeway.


Date: 11/18/2003
oh baby! this is GREAT. love the xiu xiu, books, and microphones tracks. i would love to trade!
Date: 11/18/2003
is there anything more beautiful than "dead man's will"??

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