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Playlist | Alternative - College Rock
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My Everything

Artist Song Buy
Devo  Whip It  buy on itunes
Violent Femmes  Blister In The Sun  buy on itunes
Camper Van Beethoven  Take the Skinheads Bowling  buy on itunes
Beck  The New Pollution  buy on itunes
Sly & The Family Stone  Loose Booty  buy on itunes
Parliament  Flash Light  buy on itunes
Wiseguys  Start the Commotion  buy on itunes
Chemical Brothers  Block Rockin' Beats  buy on itunes
Moby  Oil 1  buy on itunes
BT  Never Gonna Come Back Down  buy on itunes
Dizzy Gillespie & Funky Lowlives  Manteca (The Funky Lowlives Extended Remix)  buy on itunes
ECD  Direct Drive (The Ready Made All That Jazz Remix)  buy on itunes
Mint Royale  Show Me  buy on itunes
Cibo Matto  Sugar Water  buy on itunes
Jane's Addiction  Classic Girl  buy on itunes


The last disc of a three-disc mix celebrating my friend Shel's wedding. At this point all the parents will be off the dance floor, so this is all about rump shaking. Notes: A little white-person 80s spastic dancing at the beginning, then Beck crosses the line over into dance beauty. Sly kicks it hard Shadrach-style, followed by the 10 minute plus jam version of "Flash Light" which will get every Sir Nose to dance. At which point we hit the Mitsubishi commercial, block rock the beats, jam hard with Moby, let M Doughty rock the mic for BT, do the Cuban dance remix with Dizzy Gillespie and Funky Lowlives (from the Verve Remixed 2 compilation), get funky Japanese with ECD, shake it to Pos and Mint Royale, slow it down with some heavy trance beats courtesy Cibo Matto, and close on a slow dance from Jane's. I think.


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