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CD | Mixed Genre

The Anti-Nicole Consortium

Artist Song Buy
Air   La Femme D' Argent   buy on itunes
Curtis Mayfield   Memphis Soul Stew  buy on itunes
The Black Keys   Busted   buy on itunes
The Wrens   This Boy Is Exhausted   buy on itunes
Arab Strap   The Shy Retirer   buy on itunes
Guided By Voices   Game Of Pricks  buy on itunes
The Delgados   All You Need Is Hate  buy on itunes
Manitoba  Hendrix with KO   buy on itunes
Wilco   Heavy Metal Drummer   buy on itunes
M83   Run Into Flowers  buy on itunes
DJ Shadow   Midnight In a Perfect World   buy on itunes
British Sea Power   Carrion   buy on itunes
Cat Power   Stay   buy on itunes
Bonnie Prince Billy   Hard Life   buy on itunes
Creedence Clearwater Revival   Heard Through The Grapevine   buy on itunes



Date: 12/7/2003
wow! i really dig this, some of my favorite songs by wrens, british sea power, and wilco.
Date: 12/8/2003
Anti-Nicole? As in the one who posted her mix 700 times?
Date: 12/9/2003
Sweet - I think Hendrix with KO is THE best song of the year. Great mix, great picks (though I'm more partial to CCR's Who'll Stop the Rain.)

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