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Gamma Meditation

Artist Song Buy
Dr. Jane Maati Smith C.Hyp. Msc.D.  Enlightened Gamma Chakra Suite: Sound Medicine for Chakra Balancing of the Body Mind and Soul   buy on itunes
Chakra Balancing  Chakras (Chakra Music)   buy on itunes
Deepak Chopra & Adam Plack  Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, Sham, Om   buy on itunes
Chakra Balancing Sound Therapy  Delta Waves and Binaural Beats for Chakra Meditation   buy on itunes
Binaural Beats Brain Waves Isochronic Tones Brain Wave Entrainment  Chakra Cleansing Theta Waves and Nature Sounds   buy on itunes
Relaxation Meditation Yoga Music  Find Your Balance for Chakra Balancing   buy on itunes
Chakra Balancing Sound Therapy  Chakras   buy on itunes
Relaxing Sounds of Nature White Noise 4 Mindfulness Meditation Relaxation Specialists  Body Balance   buy on itunes
Chakra Balancing Sound Therapy  Healing Waves   buy on itunes
Yoga Music Academy  Find Your Balance - For Chakra Balancing and Chakra Healing   buy on itunes



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