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Artist Song Buy
Hennie Bekker  The Heart of Africa   buy on itunes
Al Conti  Northern Seas   buy on itunes
Bill Wren & Frank Ralls  Winter Solstice 2012 (feat. Jim Farrelly)   buy on itunes
Bill Wren & Frank Ralls  Between Heaven and Earth (feat. Misty Ann Sturm, Nick Curry & Sandy Williams)   buy on itunes
AO Music  Gaiya Lo Mane   buy on itunes
2002  Enduring Love   buy on itunes
Ken Davis  Eternity   buy on itunes
Danny Wright  White Lyte   buy on itunes
Bernward Koch  The New Day   buy on itunes
Torben Th?ger & Vibeke Sonora  To Catch a Moment   buy on itunes
Michael de Salem  Lost But Not Afraid   buy on itunes
Michele de Wilton  Snowfall   buy on itunes
Amberfern  Misty Harbor   buy on itunes
Tim White & Joe Paulino  Island Pulse (Radio Mix)   buy on itunes
Lia Scallon  Citrine   buy on itunes
Walter Grund  The Healer   buy on itunes
Richard Bone  Adrift   buy on itunes
Glenn Main  The Lost Cave   buy on itunes
Peter Jennison  The One (Love Song Across the Horizon)   buy on itunes
Jose Luis Serrano Esteban  Inner Light   buy on itunes
Pamela Jamian  Peace Ananda   buy on itunes
Kevin Kula & Mami Matsumoto Lyon  The Dream   buy on itunes
Jaime Helios  Mi Mar y Yo (El Campello)   buy on itunes
Louis Colaiannia  Desert Winds   buy on itunes
Craig Karolus  My Life With Charlotte   buy on itunes
Merrill Collins  Within You (Lullaby for Bobby) [Short Version]   buy on itunes
Mala Ganguly & David Vito Gregoli  Mt. Kailash   buy on itunes
Synthesist  Tibetan Bells   buy on itunes
John Salat  China Wind   buy on itunes
Elise Lebec  A Dance Through Trees   buy on itunes
Tajalli  Winds of Passion   buy on itunes
Suzanne Doucet  Arunachala (from Arunachala - Sacred Mountain Vol. II)   buy on itunes
Aum Orchestra  Khambaj   buy on itunes
Paradiso & Rasamayi  Flow   buy on itunes
Natascha Wilczek  Spirit of the Jaguar   buy on itunes
John Paris  Lullaby of the Eternal Dreamer   buy on itunes


Voted as one of the 10 best albums of 2012 by John Olsen, - John says: Sounds from the Circle 4 is the fourth MP3 compilation by members of Suzanne Doucet?s New Age Music Circle online community forum. Produced by Suzanne Doucet, Sounds from the Circle 4 is one of the best song collections of new age and sub-genres in 2012. Like all Circle Albums the fourth release is a quality driven song compilation sampler. The diverse music styles heard on all Sounds from the Circle albums include acoustic, ambient, chill out, classical, contemporary instrumental, electronic, groove, meditation, neo-classical, piano, progressive, world, and vocal. International artists from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Norway, Spain, the United States, and other countries make this release special. Join or visit Music Circle members at


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