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Artist Song Buy
Bill Wren  En Mai   buy on itunes
Laura Sullivan  The Serpent Mound   buy on itunes
Kuutana  Canyon Mist   buy on itunes
Glenn Main  Message to Antarcic   buy on itunes
Tron Syversen  Stars at Night   buy on itunes
Dr. Sounds  Sigil for Life   buy on itunes
Sajjad  Eternity Falls   buy on itunes
Lia Scallon  Breath of Life   buy on itunes
Richard Shulman  Meditation 5   buy on itunes
Rieg  The Green Fairy   buy on itunes
Kori Linae Carothers  Blue Ice   buy on itunes
Alberto Pingitore  Steps On the Sacred Path   buy on itunes
Jane Winther  The Lamps of Love   buy on itunes
Dr. James Hopkins  Divine Harmonics   buy on itunes
Merrill Collins & Nicole Garcia  Peace, Be Still   buy on itunes
Michael Barry-Rec  Cold Sun   buy on itunes
Gnomusy (David Caballero)  Dolmen Ridge   buy on itunes
Piotr Nowotnik  Mount Hekla   buy on itunes
Paradiso & Rasamayi  Bliss   buy on itunes
Marc Enfroy  A Good Heart   buy on itunes
Logos  Marie Madeleine   buy on itunes
Michael Hopp?  Sanctuary   buy on itunes
Torben Th?ger  A Wonderful Place (excerpt from Akasha)   buy on itunes
Tajalli  Angels of the Sea   buy on itunes
RAY  Crescent Moon   buy on itunes
David Mauk  Ground Swell   buy on itunes
Chuck Plaisance & Suzanne Doucet  Dancing Waves   buy on itunes
Michael Perlowin  Asturias (Leyenda)   buy on itunes
Jeffrey Fisher  Bird Dance   buy on itunes
Merlino & TAKAHIRO  The Calm See   buy on itunes
Miraz  The River Ganges   buy on itunes
Satori  Rain   buy on itunes
Suzanne Doucet  Om (excerpt from the OM SOUND)   buy on itunes


The New Age Music Circle is an online community with over a thousand recording artists and fans. For three years in a row, they have put out a compilation of member?s recordings and made it available to press and radio programmers on a 40 song MP3 disc as well as to the public as an iTunes playlist which they can download individual tracks from. The compilation is the work of new age music pioneer Suzanne Doucet, who is also the creator and organizing force behind the community. She is an international award-winning composer/producer who has been active in this genre for 30 years and merits a great deal of respect for her accomplishments. Also contributing to the success of this project is Beth Ann Hilton, a well-known LA music publicist. The music on the compilation is quite diverse and covers many New Age sub-genres including meditation, nature, solo piano, vocals, electronic space music, chill, and more. The participating artists comprise a virtual United Nations of musicians, hailing from all corners of the globe. There are too many tracks to go into detail here but suffice it to say that there is some absolutely wonderful music that will appeal to a wide range of tastes. One great thing about it being available as iTunes downloads is that the listener can preview any track individually and decide which ones they would like to purchase for 99 cents each.


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