bite my shiny, metal christmas

Artist Song Buy
soul coughing  suzy snowflake  buy on itunes
i am the world trade center  rockefeller tree  buy on itunes
bunnygrunt  i am gonna be warm this winter  buy on itunes
redd kross  super sunny christmas  buy on itunes
the starside eight  kiss for christmas  buy on itunes
material issue  merry christmas will do  buy on itunes
the posies  christmas  buy on itunes
eels   christmas is going to the dogs  buy on itunes
galaxie 500  listen, the snow is falling  buy on itunes
an april march & los cincos  last train to christmas  buy on itunes
dismemberment plan  this christmas  buy on itunes
rufus wainwright  spotlight on christmas  buy on itunes
the autumn teen sound  christmas wish  buy on itunes
starflyer 59   holiday song  buy on itunes
summer hymns  santa couldn't fit you under my christmas tree  buy on itunes
trembling blue stars  christmas and train trips and things  buy on itunes
ella fitzgerald  what are you doing new years eve?  buy on itunes


so yeah, christmas mix 2003. i listened to it while i was driving around and finishing up my shopping this afternoon. a lot of the songs are somewhat subtle hints for a boy who will be recieving said mix. good times.
image for mix


Date: 12/22/2003
...lucky boy!
Joy Olivia
Date: 12/23/2003
Great mix! Good luck with the boy!

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