20 From 10: Favs of 2003

Artist Song Buy
The All-American Rejects  Swing, Swing  buy on itunes
Why Worry?  buy on itunes
Grand Drive  Firefly  buy on itunes
Track 40  buy on itunes
Mindy Smith  Jolene  buy on itunes
Kasey Chambers  Little Sparrow  buy on itunes
Matthew Good  Weapon  buy on itunes
21st Century Living  buy on itunes
Rusty Truck  Never Going Back  buy on itunes
Candy  buy on itunes
Jason Mraz  You & I Both  buy on itunes
Absolutely Zero  buy on itunes
Jesse Malin  Wendy  buy on itunes
Queen of the Underworld  buy on itunes
The Jayhawks  Save It For A Rainy Day  buy on itunes
Angelyne  buy on itunes
Ryan Adams  House Is Not For Sale  buy on itunes
Burning Photographs  buy on itunes
Fountains of Wayne  Bright Future In Sales  buy on itunes
All Kinds of Time  buy on itunes


Songs from my 10 favorites of the year. Tracks 5 and 6 are from the Dolly Parton tribute CD "Just Because I'm A Woman". I also consolidated Ryan Adams' two EPs and LP into one release.


Date: 12/22/2003
Those tracks from the Dolly Parton tribute CD rock!
Date: 12/22/2003
No love for the AAR, but that Matthew Good album was 1 of the highlights of the year for me, musically speaking. Not a FoW fan either, though my little brother got me hooked on 'Stacy's mom!' Nice mix. Out.
Date: 12/23/2003
I'm such a big fan of the Matthew Good (Amazingly underlooked CD), Ryan Adams and Jesse Malin that I may have to go back and try some of the others on for size. the FOW CD was decent but got kinda boring towards the end. Utopia Parkway was better, in my opinion. Good choices.
Date: 12/23/2003
Great to see Grand Drive on an AOTMer's best of 2003 review. "Firefly" would be on my best of as well.
abigail dice1
Date: 12/23/2003
whohooooooo. go Ryan and Jesse and FOW! :)makes me want to pick up the latest Jayhawks record. I adore "Absolutely Zero" but nothing about Jason Mraz honestly motivated me to spend $15 on an album.

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