feeling yourself disintegrate

Artist Song Buy
low  half light (extended version)  buy on itunes
ultravox  vienna  buy on itunes
stina nordenstam  trainsurfing  buy on itunes
the jesus and mary chain  just like honey  buy on itunes
cocteau twins  lorelei  buy on itunes
my bloody valentine  only shallow  buy on itunes
m83  on a white lake, near a green mountain  buy on itunes
tripping daisy  waited a light year  buy on itunes
the beatles  revolution 9  buy on itunes
bright eyes  from a balance beam  buy on itunes
the raveonettes  remember  buy on itunes
the velvet underground  the murder mystery  buy on itunes
king crimson  the court of the crimson king  buy on itunes
radiohead  a wolf at the door  buy on itunes
ooberman  secret world  buy on itunes
the silver mt. zion memorial orchestra and tra-la-la band  goodbye desolate railyards (outro)  buy on itunes


i have no idea what is going on with this mix... it started off with songs which gave me a feeling of disintegration... the world slowly fading away... something like that... except in the end it works in a totally different way... the title comes from a flaming lips song which funnily enough didn't make it onto the mix...


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