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Mew  156  buy on itunes
Sigur R=s  Hlemmur 3  buy on itunes
Mugison  The night is limping  buy on itunes
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Sodastream  Colouring Iris  buy on itunes
ainjel emme  what I know about you  buy on itunes
Mew  Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years  buy on itunes
Franz Ferdinand  Darts of Pleasure  buy on itunes
Do Make Say Think  Ontario Plates  buy on itunes
British Sea Power  Fear of Drowning  buy on itunes
track star  feet first  buy on itunes
Tied & Tickled  Bungalow  buy on itunes
Broken Social Scene  cause = time  buy on itunes
Hope of the States  Black Dollar Bills  buy on itunes
Mew  Comforting Sounds  buy on itunes


Okay, I made this awhile back for someone (beginning of this month), but since AOTM was down then, I forgot to post it. I'll just copy and paste what I wrote concerning the slight story arc from my lj (with slight editing since over there I ramble too much occasionally):

There are three sections. 'I feed on the oxygen' 1-6, 'I couldn't let you go...' 7-11, 'I've been alone since '89' 12-17.

This time I tried harder to make each section have a certain mood.. you could just listen to one section and have a beginning and end if you wanted to basically.. each one has a climatic point at the end ..hah.

The Slight Story (not a very interesting one, but one nonetheless): it's about someone who is all creepy and weird (stalker!) thus loses a girl and walks off on the train then gets lost. beginning of next section, there is some call for help (or whining; whathaveyou) then over in another dimension, the girl sees something in him and realises it was a mistake, there is a passionate reconcilation. beginning of the last section, there is a fall out and talk about heavy issues then everyone is unhappy ...woo. you could always make a better story out of it. all I'm sayin' is that it is brilliant regardless if you catch any of the hidden meanings that aren't really important; just there for an image in your mind if you so choose and lack the imagination for better.

Coverart is explodingdog... layered to look darker for that distinct look of a 'lost' character.
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Date: 1/27/2004
great mew, sodastream and franz ferdinand. yum!

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