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Synthpop Favorites I

Artist Song Buy
Sea of Sin  Last Day In Paradise  buy on itunes
Mesh  Waste of Time  buy on itunes
Covenant  Dead Stars  buy on itunes
Philtron  No Promises  buy on itunes
Melotron  Tanz Mit Dem Teufel  buy on itunes
Dark Distant Spaces  Fashion  buy on itunes
Nueroactive  Space Divider  buy on itunes
De/Vision  Dinner Without Grace  buy on itunes
Klirrfaktor   ...Bis Der Artz Kommt  buy on itunes
Syntec  Talk To The Upper World (Isolated Dance Mix)  buy on itunes
And One  Sometimes  buy on itunes
Dark Voices  Just Tonight  buy on itunes
VNV Nation  Savior (Vox)  buy on itunes
No Decay   Strange  buy on itunes
Forgiving Iris  Twilight  buy on itunes
Perfidious Words  Ruined  buy on itunes
Elegant Machinery  Words of Wisdom (Live)  buy on itunes


90s synthpop. Most of these bands are from Germany. If you like the dark/moody synthpop ala mid-late 80s Depeche Mode or Camouflage, you'll love these bands.


Date: 3/22/2004
My favorite Dark Distant Spaces tune! Very nice.
Date: 2/17/2005
I realize this mix is well over a year old, but if you are interested in trading, I would love a copy.

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