for those about to eat lutefisk, i salute you

Artist Song Buy
liz phair  go west  buy on itunes
big wu  minnesota moon  buy on itunes
that dog.  minneapolis  buy on itunes
the wrens  dance the midwest  buy on itunes
buffalo daughter  five great lakes  buy on itunes
the magnetic fields  when the open road is closing in  buy on itunes
the mountain goats  minnesota  buy on itunes
bill janovitz  minneapolis  buy on itunes
everything but the girl  twin cities (the green plains a capella mix)  buy on itunes
mice parade  in the water there are islands, in the land there are lakes  buy on itunes
desaparecidos  mall of america  buy on itunes
john prine  sabu visits the twin cities alone  buy on itunes
dictators  the minnesota strip  buy on itunes
the dandy warhols  minnesoter  buy on itunes
elliott  dying midwestern  buy on itunes
johnny cash  big river  buy on itunes
mirah  cold cold water  buy on itunes


so, TOOMD(tm) is going to minnesota this weekend. and he gives me a challenge - make him a minnesota mix for the plane trip. as always, i was up for the task. however, i'm not really sure how good this is. many of the songs are great, few are pretty mediocre. it seems as if i'm not the only one with nothing to say about the state.


Date: 2/12/2004
Wow, there are far more songs about my state than I imagined! Excellent, excellent work.
Pop Kulcher
Date: 4/26/2004
I miss That Dog -- great band, great song.

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