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May 4th, 1970 - A Memorial

Artist Song Buy
The Doors  The Unknown Soldier  buy on itunes
Bob Dylan  The Times They Are A Changing  buy on itunes
Rolling Stones  Gimme Shelter  buy on itunes
Barry McGuire  Eve Of Destruction  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Revolution 1  buy on itunes
Jefferson Airplane  Volunteers  buy on itunes
Joan Baez   Where Have All The Flowers Gone?  buy on itunes
Buffalo Springfield  For What It's Worth  buy on itunes
Devo  Some Things Never Change  buy on itunes
CSNY  Ohio  buy on itunes


The title says it all.

I know the Devo track seems an anachronism, but the sentiment is there. Gerald Casale of Devo witnessed the shooting, and it affected him and the band greatly. I stand by their inclusion.


rosy red berry
Date: 2/13/2004
nice tribute
Date: 2/14/2004
Four dead in Ohio-it hits me still every year.

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