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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

The ABC's of Metal

Artist Song Buy
At The Gates  Slaughter Of The Soul  buy on itunes
Black Sabbath  Paranoid  buy on itunes
Chimaira  Power Trip  buy on itunes
Deftones  7 Words  buy on itunes
Edge of Sanity  Until Eternity Ends  buy on itunes
Fear Factory  Damaged  buy on itunes
Godsmack  Greed  buy on itunes
The Haunted  Godpuppet  buy on itunes
In Flames  Colony  buy on itunes
John Zorn  Hammerhead  buy on itunes
Kyuss  100 Degrees  buy on itunes
Lamb of God  Ruin  buy on itunes
Metallica  Battery  buy on itunes
Nevermore  Enemies of Reality  buy on itunes
Opeth  Demon of the Fall  buy on itunes
Pantera  Fucking Hostile  buy on itunes
Queens of the Stone Age  Six Shooter  buy on itunes
Rage Against The Machine  People of the Sun  buy on itunes
Slayer  Angel of Death  buy on itunes
Tool  Sober  buy on itunes
Unida  Dwarf It  buy on itunes
Vader  Fractal Light  buy on itunes
Whiplash  Insult To Injury  buy on itunes
Static-X  This Is Not  buy on itunes
Zyklon  The Prophetic Method  buy on itunes


Run Time: 82:23, so it's an overburn CD.

Pretty simple concept. I don't remember exactly how I came up with it, but it works really well. I had to struggle for a few letters (using John Zorn for J? Static-X for X? And since when are Queens of the Stone Age metal?), and I had to change a few of the songs I originally had picked, due to time constraints.


Date: 2/22/2004
Nice work. You usually do have to take few liberties to make these A-Z mixes come out sounding good. By the way, QotSA "officially" are metal, al least according to AMG who lists them as follows "Styles: Stoner Metal, Alternative Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock "
Date: 2/22/2004
extra points if the artists and the songs are in alphabetical order. great mix.
Date: 4/16/2005
This excellent mix has been included in My Little Red Book - visit
today at the Exhibitions page.

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