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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
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CD | Theme - Depression

[untitled electronic mix]

Artist Song Buy
her space holiday  japanese gum  buy on itunes
her space holiday  lydia  buy on itunes
max tundra  mbgate  buy on itunes
aphex twin  flim  buy on itunes
hermann & kleine  leaving you behind  buy on itunes
the books  tokyo  buy on itunes
the books  take time  buy on itunes
squarepusher  a journey to reedham [7am mix]  buy on itunes
chris clark  lord of the dance  buy on itunes
boards of canada  roygbiv  buy on itunes
telefon tel aviv  fahrenheit fair enough  buy on itunes
manual  summer haze  buy on itunes
autechre  corc  buy on itunes
kid 606  defective boy  buy on itunes
kid 606  ....just another kool kat out looking for a kitty  buy on itunes
mum  awake on a train  buy on itunes


this was a little introduction to the sort of electronica that i am into. it was made for my friend libby. these are some of my favorite electronica tracks ever, i do believe. yeah.


Date: 2/23/2004
Take it from a DJ, Kid 606 and Squarepusher is top grade. I use them in alot of sets. You should check out Planet Mu material, too--or DJ Brokenwindow.
Date: 3/8/2004

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