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Only The Curious Have Something To Find

Artist Song Buy
Sting  Fragile  buy on itunes
Nickel Creek  This Side  buy on itunes
The Dismemberment Plan  The Other Side  buy on itunes
Elvis Costello  Radio, Radio  buy on itunes
Telvision  See No Evil  buy on itunes
The Flaming Lips  Knives Out (Radiohead)  buy on itunes
The Flaming Lips  Feeling Yourself Disintegrate  buy on itunes
Troubled Hubble  Nancy  buy on itunes
Band of Bees  Angryman  buy on itunes
The (International) Noise Conspiracy  Up For Sale  buy on itunes
Beck  Tropicalia  buy on itunes
The Articles  You're Bread and Butter Pickes, Baby  buy on itunes
Ancient Greeks  Lay Up  buy on itunes
Aloha  The Sound Between  buy on itunes
Aloha  Sky High  buy on itunes


It's totally for a girl.


Date: 3/3/2004
Mmmm, you've got my favorite D-Plan song. Great Costello and Lips picks.
Date: 3/4/2004
My favorite Beck and Troubled Hubble, very nice.

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