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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Electronic
CD | Theme - Depression


Artist Song Buy
vincent gallo  so sad  buy on itunes
xiu xiu  sad cory-o-grapher  buy on itunes
cobolt  no plans to leave  buy on itunes
microphones  the moon  buy on itunes
dead milkmen  dean's dream  buy on itunes
the walkmen  french vacation  buy on itunes
sonic youth  disappearer  buy on itunes
sunny day real estate  guitar and video games  buy on itunes
low  sunflower  buy on itunes
m83  run into flowers  buy on itunes
explosions in the sky  your hand in mine  buy on itunes


this was a clever little mix made for a friend. its got some super good tunes on it. i hate college. goodbye.


Date: 3/11/2004
love love love it. going to see xiu xiu on sunday and can't fucking wait.

run into flowers, disappearer and the moon make this mix. rule. rule.

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