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the quik  bert's apple crumble  buy on itunes
the hepburns  that's okay  buy on itunes
yeah yeah noh  beware the weakling lines  buy on itunes
haircut 100  surprise me again  buy on itunes
the style council  shout to the top!  buy on itunes
jacques dutronc  le responsible  buy on itunes
desperate bicycles  smokescreen  buy on itunes
klark kent  don't care  buy on itunes
frances lai  party music  buy on itunes
the third wave  love train  buy on itunes
barbara acklin  am i the same girl...  buy on itunes
corduroy  something in my eye  buy on itunes
burt bacharach  something big  buy on itunes
david bowie  kooks  buy on itunes
fifty foot hose  if not this time  buy on itunes
kaleidoscope  jenny artichoke  buy on itunes
max meir-maletz  swinging northwest  buy on itunes
the really 3rds  everyday, everyway  buy on itunes
big jim sullivan  sunshine superman  buy on itunes
the colourfield  little things  buy on itunes
francesco de masi  diamond bossa nova  buy on itunes
dudley perkins  flowers  buy on itunes
teenage filmstars  i apologize  buy on itunes
silicon teens  let's dance  buy on itunes
eva  moon river  buy on itunes
de phazz  something special  buy on itunes
jane birkin  di doo dah  buy on itunes


And so I still make the occassional mix (I remain my favorite fantasy dj, and my living room continues to be my favorite imaginary discotheque). A bit of insomnia tonight offered the occassion for actually posting a mix to this site for the first time in a year or so. The usual suspect: a modgroove loungelite newwave postpunk beatpop funky though flowery platter.


robot action boy
Date: 3/17/2004
looks nice. where is that colourfield song from?
Date: 3/17/2004
You remain one of *my* "favorite fantasy DJs" too! Great to see a disconite-produced mix! (Sometimes insomnia makes us all winners.) Great Kaleidoscope and Big Jim tracks...servin' up the deep dish...
Eric Schmuckler
Date: 3/17/2004
bringin' the haircut 100 throwdown stylee! dig the dutronc, wanna hear all of this. a most welcome return.
Rob Conroy
Date: 3/17/2004
Looks cool, Mr. Royce.
Date: 3/17/2004
Great to see you back on AOTM, if only for one mix. This is the only mix that I haven't heard yet from your last batch, as the others are in heavy rotation. I'm sure I'll love this one as well.
lo-fi jr.
Date: 3/17/2004
Glad to see you back Roycegee. I'd gladly pop for a double espresso to keep you awake & posting. Where did you score the Desperate Bicycles track?
Date: 3/17/2004
Haircut 100 ! Yes !
Date: 3/18/2004
Looks just excellent from start to finish. The inclusion of the mighty Yeah Yeah Noh is worth the price of admission. (Dunno what De-Phazz are doing in there, though.)
Date: 3/18/2004
The Colourfield track is an early B-side.

Yes, Haircut 100!

De-Phazz? Well, I quite like that Death By Chocolate album. That particular track is quite loopy and sorta picks up the pulse earlier established by the Bacharach number. A mix composed of threads emerging and hiding and reemerging. If I here to diagram it would look like a DNA strand. Thus, there's room for both De-Phazz & Yeah Yeah Noh. Maybe? Are you buying it?
p the swede
Date: 5/2/2004
way cool stuff, we really should trade some day
Date: 8/24/2007
Great, great stuff. Hope you return to Planet AotM soon. And maybe work out a trade?

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