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miss me/miss you

Artist Song Buy
kyle fischer (really, this should be caithlin de marris)  just one more day  buy on itunes
julie doiron  oh these walls  buy on itunes
dakota suite  close enough to tears  buy on itunes
the lucksmiths  all the recipes i've ever ruined  buy on itunes
rivulets  cutter  buy on itunes
carissa's wierd  low budget slow motion soundtrack song for leaving the scene  buy on itunes
american analog set  the wait  buy on itunes
trembling blue stars  sometimes i still feel the bruise  buy on itunes
track star  feet first  buy on itunes
wolf colonel  the goodbye  buy on itunes
hayden  the closer i get  buy on itunes
all-time quarterback!  send packing  buy on itunes
l'altra  moth in rain  buy on itunes
coastal  northern  buy on itunes
damien jurado  intoxicated hands  buy on itunes
casiotone for the painfully alone  destroy the evidence  buy on itunes
january  i heard myself in you  buy on itunes


i was trading mixes with a friend i met online and i told him i was going to make him the saddest mix he had ever heard. well, it all started coming together and it became a mix about regret and missing someone who is no longer in your life. this was completed 19 february 2004.


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