God Bless America, But She Stole the B from "Bless"

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Handsome Boy Modeling School  Rock & Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This)  buy on itunes
Brother Ali  Forest Whitiker  buy on itunes
Del tha Funkee Homosapien  Mistadobalina  buy on itunes
Digital Underground  Humpty Dance  buy on itunes
OutKast  I'll Call Before I Come  buy on itunes
Eric B. and Rakim  Paid in Full  buy on itunes
Atmosphere  Trying to Find a Balance  buy on itunes
Common  I Used to Love H.E.R.  buy on itunes
Aesop Rock  Daylight  buy on itunes
Slick Rick  Children's Story  buy on itunes
De La Soul  Me, Myself and I  buy on itunes
Beastie Boys  Girls  buy on itunes
DJ Dangermouse (Beatles/Jay-Z)  99 Problems  buy on itunes
Bomb the Bass  Beat Dis  buy on itunes
Gorillaz  Clint Eastwood  buy on itunes
Mos Def and Talib Kweli  Definition  buy on itunes
Rob Base & DJ EZ-Rock  It Takes Two  buy on itunes


I admit that I am not the world's foremost expert on hip-hop. That said, this is a sampling of some of the things from that genre that I really enjoy. Sure, Del is involved in 3 of the 17 tracks, but he's one of my favorites, and they're all from different groups, so I let it slide.

Brother Ali is an albino rapper from Minneapolis. As such, I thought his music would rely on that fact, and be very gimmicky. I was wrong. "Forest Whitiker" is one of the absolute best songs released in the last year.

Note that I did not use "hip-hop" as a qualifier in that last sentence.


bufo alvarius
Date: 4/5/2004
Good stuff, Adam. You definitely can't go wrong with Del on a mix. Lots of great old school stuff on here, as well. Also dig the Aesop Rock and the Jay-Z/Dangermouse track. (Though I think I like the mash up of "What More Can I Say" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" better.) Oh yeah, I highly recommend you check out the Kanye West disc. It's a good 'un.
p the swede
Date: 4/5/2004
Date: 4/5/2004
okay, i was guilty of sticking two roots collaborations on one CD myself... this looks great.
Date: 4/5/2004
Adam - I need to get this from your sometime - I have NO hiphop at all. And as you've seen from my stuff I have no problem at all repeating an artist or artists more than once on a mix to get what you want.
Nate Gansen
Date: 4/5/2004
Yeah, this sounds awesome. Good work here, I was especially impressed by somebody so relatively new to the genre.
Rob Conroy
Date: 4/6/2004
Looks good to me, Ad-man.
stephanie anne
Date: 4/7/2004
Oh, heavens. "Forest Whitiker" is one of my absolute favourite songs of all time. Seeing a room full of kids yelling "you ain't gotta love me!" back at Brother Ali at SXSW last month was a seriously moving experience. Cheers on a great mix.
Date: 4/7/2004
what about deltron 3030?

btw, great mix
Date: 4/11/2004
Nice to see Handsome Boy Modeling School there! Great picks overall - a very happy vibe too.
Date: 4/16/2004
I can honestly say that this is a great listen. "Forest Whitiker" is brilliant!

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