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You're so cute when you're frustrated

Artist Song Buy
air miami  special angel  buy on itunes
interpol  pda  buy on itunes
throwing muses  pandora's box  buy on itunes
dot allison  strung out  buy on itunes
caroline lavelle  karma  buy on itunes
sunshine blind  surrounded by sage  buy on itunes
scarling.  crispin glover  buy on itunes
the golden palominos  belfast  buy on itunes
red flag  your presence  buy on itunes
bob holroyd w/ happy rhodes  games without frontiers  buy on itunes
bill nelson  sweet is the mystery  buy on itunes
his name is alive  i have special powers  buy on itunes
mary fahl  paolo  buy on itunes
the decemberists  leslie anne levine  buy on itunes
tindersticks  what is a man  buy on itunes
violent femmes  children of the revolution  buy on itunes
poe  angry johnny  buy on itunes
dar williams  are you out there?  buy on itunes


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Date: 4/13/2004
How can I not love the Interpol-inspired title?? And how can I not love the Asian-inspired cover? And how can I not love YOU, Scotters?! I can't wait to hear this, especially since I've always wondered about Sunshine Blind.
p the swede
Date: 4/14/2004
cool cover and cool covers too
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 4/14/2004
more yummy goodness...& another scrumptious BB (Blackadder-Babe)
Date: 4/15/2004
that Poe track takes me back...ah, 1995 what hast become of thee? The rest looks good as well, and I can't hate any mix with that cover. mmm-alicious.
Date: 4/15/2004
quiiite nice.
Date: 5/25/2004
This mix is a big hit at my work! And not just because of the cover, mwhehe. I am in LOVE with the Golden Palominos track, and I also love the Caroline Lavelle and Scarling tracks. Thanks, Scotters! You're my favorite person to trade with. :)
Mason Jar12
Date: 5/31/2004
nice mix! you sure that cover is legal?

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